Hotels in Ocean City

  A trip to Ocean City, Maryland is perfect for families, friends, couples and everyone in between. From the boardwalk and beach to the quaint towns just a short drive away, there’s so much to do. When you aren’t out and about in Ocean City, you’ll be relaxing in your hotel, motel, bed and... More
Ocean City vacation planning

5 Reasons to Book Your Ocean City Summer Vacation in Winter

Why You Should Start Planning Your Summer Vacation in Winter With the cold temperatures fast approaching, you may be dreaming of warmer temperatures and lounging on the sand in Ocean City. Instead of daydreaming, start planning. While there are several months left of snow and dreary winter... More
Ocean City year-round restaurants

Ocean City Restaurants Open Year-Round

Image from Travis Yewell Grab a Bite at these Restaurants Open Year-Round in Ocean City Ocean City is bursting with activity during Spring Break and from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. In the off season, things do slow down. While many businesses close during the off season,... More
Ocean City winter activities and events

Things to Do this Winter in Ocean City

Experience Ocean City’s Winter Festivities Just because the summer season is over does not mean there aren’t plenty of reasons to visit Ocean City. While the weather may not allow you to play on the beach, you can still explore everything else this coastal community has to offer. Things to Do... More

Coastal Cuisine: Dining in Ocean City

By Jody Kelly Wright, The Shark on the Harbor, When my husband and I had the opportunity to travel, we always looked to the local community we were visiting for meal suggestions. We wanted to experience dining the way they do—the foods they eat, the atmosphere they... More
Ocean City’s Off Season, IOcean City Off Season Activities, Attractions, And Things To Do

What to Do During Ocean City’s Off Season

Ocean City is Still “On” in Fall and Winter By Angela Blue Summer is undeniably the perfect season to visit Ocean City. The bustling boardwalk, the exciting festivals, the fresh seafood and the hot sand beneath your toes met with the refreshing splash of waves—what’s not to love? What you... More
Ocean City, Maryland fishing

Fishing in Ocean City

By Shawn Harman, Bahia Marina Fishing and Ocean City have been intricately connected since before there was in inlet. Heck, our former mayor was “Fish” Powell. Ocean City Fishing History Fishing has long gone hand in hand with Ocean City. In the late 1800s, the beginning of the fishing... More
Things to do, ocean city maryland, Beyond the Boardwalk, greater ocean city

Explore Ocean City Beyond the Boardwalk

  While Ocean City's award-winning boardwalk is a "must" on your list of vacation activities, don't be afraid to venture off the boards and enjoy the rest of OC! Whether you are on the bayside, North or West Ocean City or even Midtown, your experience will be filled with fun and memories... More

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Assateague State Park in Berlin, Maryland
August 15, 2019
Images from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Experience a Different Type of Beach at Assateague State Park A trip to Ocean City is a great opportunity to have some fun in the sun. Ocean City and the surrounding towns offer plenty of locations for outdoor exploration and...
History of Surfing in Ocean City
June 4, 2019
Surfin’ O.C. The History of Surfing in Ocean City People have been riding waves for thousands of years. Surfing, as we’ve come to know it, has a long history and strong culture that varies across the world. In Ocean City, the evolution of surfing has transformed over almost a...
30 fun things, 30 things to do in Ocean City, Things to do in Ocean City Md. things to do OCMD
November 7, 2018
When you first arrive in Ocean City, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of fun and exciting things there are to do here! Should you stay at the beach, hit the open seas or visit local attractions? Here are some of our top picks of things you and your family won’t want to miss...
Biking in Ocean City, Maryland
August 15, 2019
Explore Ocean City by Bike There’s an array of things to do in Ocean City, Maryland. To get around town, you can walk, take the tram or drive. Why not explore Ocean City’s sights while staying active by biking? Ocean City has bike trails that are perfect for all ages and abilities....
Ocean City, Maryland shopping
June 4, 2019
Coastal Shopping at its Finest in Ocean City The seaside haven of Ocean City is perfect for so many activities. Once you are done playing in the sand, take some time to cruise the endless shops both on and off the boardwalk. Shopaholics will have plenty of opportunities to catch some...
Ocean City outdoor adventure
July 19, 2019
Explore Ocean City’s Great Outdoors A vacation to Ocean City is, of course, the perfect setting for lounging in the sand and splashing in the waves. Aside from the beach, Ocean City offers several other experiences for outdoor exploration. These are a great way to connect with family,...

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